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This section presents relics in large reliquaries belonging to early Christian martyrs, philosophers, emperors, bishops, archbishops, and scientists who lived from the 1st to the 8th century AD. Thanks to religious resources, ordinary people have a unique opportunity to possess rare relics, that could be only found in monasteries and churches before! Many Christians are immensely grateful to us for this because everyone knows what kind of grace comes to people, who keep the relics with respect.

The antique company represents the category of the Relics of the First, Second, and Third Class. Most with certificates of authenticity from cardinals, archbishops, and bishops of the Roman Catholic Church or Hierarchs of the Orthodox Denominations.

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Private collectors, representatives of churches, priests, and Orthodox monasteries around the world prefer to purchase Relics via online auction.

Particularly rare lots for a low price are regularly presented.

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