Expertise for relics

Artifact collectors can order and conduct an examination of a relic or other historical artifact. After verification, you will receive a detailed estimate and review from a well-known antiquities expert.

The procedure for ordering examination expertise

You need to order a service and make a payment. Further instructions will be sent to the client by mail. In which the address for sending the relic or documents for verification will be indicated. The customer of this service needs to send a document. Antiquities experts usually check the authenticity within a week. After checking "Saints Relics", the artifact will be sent back to the owner and a detailed report on the authenticity status will be written.



We are constantly being asked to check certain Relics for authenticity! A lot of fakes! Some vendors manufacture them commercially!

On eBay, one seller, for example, has 3-4 accounts, producing fake Relics every month with unchanging big names of Saints (for example, he can have up to 5-6 Relics of St. Nicholas every month, the Cross of the Lord and other significant Saints and Relics!

Documents from allegedly different bishops, but the handwriting is the same everywhere. Therefore, we purchased several "Relics" from this seller and sent them for two examinations - a handwriting examination and the Institute of Biology.
Answers (you can request in private correspondence with us) came that the bones in this "reliquary" belong to a bird, and a handwriting examination confirmed that the handwriting on two "documents" from different bishops is the handwriting of the same person.

Seller and manufacturer in one person, but on different accounts:




We continue to look for individuals involved in and distributing fake Relics!
Don't let yourself be deceived!


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